Palermo is a true paradise for lovers of il cibo di strada or street food. Palermo’s street food has among its admirers some of the most important chefs from around the world and boasts a very long history.

Thanks to its proximity to the city’s main open-air markets, Hotel Columbia is recommended for all those who want to let themselves be tempted by the delicacies of the local street food, allowing themselves a pleasant foray into the simple and enjoyable flavours of the food and wine of the people during their holiday in Palermo.

To be tasted strictly while standing and purchased from traditional vendors in historic streets and squares, the local street food will win you over with its unique flavour: lo sfincione (spinciuni in Sicilian), panelle e crocchè (u pani pannelli crocchè e cazzilli) and pane con la milza (pani ca meusa) will seduce even the most demanding palates.
Soft and flavourful, sfincione is a focaccia bread covered with onion, tomato and oregano that is sold by vendors who move about the city in lapini, characteristic three-wheeled vehicles that can be seen everywhere in the squares and markets of Palermo.

Panelle e crocchè, which should be tasted in traditional mafalde bread with sesame seeds, are respectively chickpea flour fritters and croquettes of potato and parsley that make up the classic snack from Palermo. They’ll make gourmands of any age happy!

Those who love stronger flavours can also try pane con la milza, a soft roll (locally called vastella) filled with pieces of spleen and lung cooked in large metal pots. Try the variations with cheese or lemon. This tasty sandwich never ceases to win over new admirers from every corner of the globe.
With its ancient and flavourful food and wine specialties, Palermo’s historic centre is a true foodie paradise.

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